Fingerprints, grime, as well as spots frequently– and strangely– show up on glass doors, mirrors, and also home windows. Dirty glass is also, sadly, very noticeable and very difficult to keep clean with soap and water. Luckily, brands have developed an array of highly effective glass cleaning tools and soaps to help keep your windows clear and smudge-free. You may find yourself having to clean your windows and mirrors a little more often than you’d like. And glass surfaces are not the easiest to clean.


Of course, local window cleaners are always at hand. But whether you find a cleaner or try to clean your windows yourself, no one likes a streaky finish. Store-bought cleaners, scratchy paper towels, and newspapers can leave glass surfaces in a worse condition than before you started.


Here are some simple hacks to help you achieve that elusive sparkling streak-free finish:


You can make your own cleaning solution. If you’re all about that eco-friendly life, you’ve probably already explored non-toxic cleaning options for your home. A DIY cleaning solution for your windows and mirrors is a natural and highly effective glass cleaner, and you save a few in the process. Combine half a cup of rubbing alcohol with two tablespoons of ammonia and dishwashing liquid. Mix it all up in an empty spray bottle, and guys, you’re all set.


Ditch the newspapers and use paper coffee filters

Coffee… the gift that just keeps on giving. Instead of staining your hands with ink by using a newspaper, try a dry paper coffee filter to clean your glass surfaces. Simply dip filter into your homemade cleaning solution and wipe your windows and mirrors clean. Wipe using a dry filter.


Use blackboard erasers to banish streaks

Buffing is a hugely important part of the window and mirror cleaning process, and must not be foregone if you’re on a quest for a streak-free shine. Blackboard erasers can be your ally in this quest. That’s right, the old-school blackboard eraser is a secret weapon for crystal clear mirrors and mirrors. After cleaning run a dry and clean blackboard eraser over glass surfaces for a satisfying streak-free finish.


Clean window tracks with white vinegar and baking soda

When it comes to window cleaning, it’s not just the glass surfaces you need to deal with. Dirt and debris can often accumulate into the window tracks. Enter our fave household heroes – baking soda and vinegar. Cover your window tracks with a baking soda and white vinegar paste and leave for 5-10 minutes. You’ll find that all the window track gunk comes off easily using an old toothbrush.


Windex Outdoor Glass Cleaner

Exterior home windows, as well as glass doors, can obtain unclean really quick, and usually call for some extra toughness to obtain clean. This Windex cleaner features a solution that’s engineered for outdoor use and includes a spray bottle that attaches to your hose for easy cleaning.

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