Maintaining Your Screens and Windows

Window screens are barriers that allow the sun in (and air) but prevent wasp and other insects from coming into your home when your windows are open. These screens also are barriers that prevent flies that buzz around trash from coming into your kitchen when the window is open. Window screens are extremely important in homes, not only for the insects they prevent from invading your home but also because:

  • They contribute to the overall beauty of your home
  • They also help to keep your window panes from getting dirty.
  • Good and functioning screens helps to reduce the transfer of heat and several more.

It is for the aforementioned reasons that it has become important to clean and maintain your screens and windows. Maintaining your screens is not an easy task to accomplish, however it is cheaper to maintain them than replace them.

Maintaining your screens

The easiest way by which you can get rid of the dirt on your window screen is through a vacuum cleaner and if you do not have one, you could make do with a damp washcloth. Make sure to however to set the vacuum to low suction and use the soft brush nozzle.

You should try to hose off the dirt on your window screens with water and pat it dry with a towel. (Note: keep your windows closed).

If the panels are removable, you can take out the screens and wash them thoroughly with a mild soap solution (if the stain is tough, you can use a soft-bristled brush), rinse it and let dry.

Maintaining your windows


There are several reasons why you would want to maintain your window and keep it clean, however, one of the most important reasons, apart from the fact that it keeps the windows in shape, is that it ensures that the windows last.

  1. Inspection and Caulking: ensure that you regularly inspect the window, so as to ensure that it is in perfect order, or to point out the cracks and gaps and caulk every gap on the window in order to prevent breakdown.
  2. Lubrication: this is done in order to enhance the functionality of your windows.
  3. Cleaning: in order to avoid damaging the window or reducing the functionality, it is essential that the windowsills and tracks be cleaned with a dusting brush, vacuum, and a gentle soap and water and many more.
  4. Repainting: Make sure to repaint your metal and wooden window frames, in order to protect them from the elements and maintain them. (Note. Paint onto well-cleaned windows).