How Often Should You Power Wash Your Home?

Power washing is also known as pressure washing and it refers to the use of a stream of water at high power to strip away dust, dirt, and grime. Power washing is an easy task to carry out and it greatly eases the work that is involved in cleaning the exterior of your home. 

Power washing is similar to every other task involved in home maintenance and it is required to be completed on a regular schedule. Most home professionals, however, recommend that homes be power washed once a year, however, there are certain factors and areas in the home that may predispose you to pressure wash your home more frequently. 

The Best time to Pressure wash your home 

In several cases, the most effective time to power wash your home and the outside dirt is on a sunny day, as it gives your house the chance to get dried by the sun. The end of each season is also an excellent time, as it strips away the debris or grime of the previous season, in preparation for the new one. 

Factors to Consider in order to Power Wash

There are, however, several factors to be considered when determining how often to put the pressure washer to work:

  • The climate and environment of your area

The climate surrounding your area is a good determinant of how often you should pressure wash your home.  If the climate around your area is wet and humid, or your environment is prone to dust, then this requires you to power wash your home more frequently. 

  • Your family’s health and wellness

Does any member of your family suffer from asthma or other types of illness related to respiration? This is a factor that requires you to consider putting your pressure washer to use several times a year. If you do not power wash, the home may become a ground for the growth of harmful organisms such as mold and algae. And taking in the spores of these organisms is equally risky over time. 

  • Your personal preference 

Only one person sees your house more than the rest of them and that is you. If you feel that the appearance of your home is not as you would have liked, then you can pick up your pressure washer more frequently and make use of it. The desire to beautify your home is an excellent reason to power wash your home. 

  • The planned renovation of your home. 

If you desire to paint or refurbish the exterior of your home, then getting a professional window cleaning company to power wash is one effective way to clean and prepare the surface of your home for painting. 

The frequency with which you put the pressure washer to use in your home depends on the above factors and more. There is really no perfect time to pressure wash your home. It only depends on you and a number of factors, like the above. Some homeowners may want to pressure wash every few months while some desire to wash only once every year.